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In the year 1804 Haiti became the first black country in history to gain independence as a nation. After the Haitian revolution ended, they purchased their freedom from France primarily through the sale of Haitian coffee in Europe and the fledgling United States.

Today, in the pine tree covered mountain tops of Haiti a few families struggle to maintain their “creole gardens” where Haitian coffee is shade grown with loving care. These farms remain untouched by modernity which has uniquely preserved the rare heirloom coffee Arabica Typica plants that produce some of the finest and rarest specialty coffee in the world.

At 1804 Coffee we are honored to represent the Haitian coffee community as a green coffee broker and importer. We bridge the gap between farmers, cooperatives and mills in Haiti, with specialty coffee roasters around the world, helping roasters source high quality green coffee from dependable, trustworthy and dedicated partners in Haiti.


We are passionate about coffee roasters

We are passionate about the roasters we partner with around the world. Men and women who strive to deliver the highest quality coffees responsibly sourced. Roasters who care about the story and the heritage that is found in every green bean. Those roasters who serve the people of their community through their offerings and environments they create at their cafes. We want to help you improve your supply chain management, the quality of specialty coffees you inventory, and the stories you tell your customers.

We are passionate about Haitian coffee

The unique circumstances and storylines that surround Haitian coffee are magnetic. The fact is Haitian coffee farms have been isolated due to dictators and ensuring sanctions since the early 1900s has created a unique environment to preserve typica arabica coffees grown in creole gardens with little use of chemicals or modern machinery. These plants and the farms haven’t changed in hundreds of years which means you are drinking some of the finest, and rarest, coffee in the world. You are truly tasting the same flavor profiles George Washington tasted when he drank Haitian coffee in 1776. We strive to help preserve the heritage of these heirloom coffees from Haiti while improving farming techniques and plant production.

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We are passionate about Haitian coffee farmers

At 1804 Coffee we are passionate about the farmers we partner with. We are driven to help farmers hone their craft for higher production volumes and cupping scores through a relentless pursuit of excellence. Their development of the coffee supply chain in Haiti translates to higher standards of living for farming families and superior quality, more widely available coffees for roasters like you.

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