We love Thanksgiving at 1804 Coffee, it’s our absolute favorite holiday of the year.  Thanksgiving is all about spending time with people you love over a long meal, or succession of meals if you’re at our home.  So many great memories are made in homes throughout America as we reflect together on all of the things we are thankful for.    

Coffee is a big part of the Thanksgiving tradition.  Coffee is sipped while the food is prepared, as well as enjoyed after the meal has been concurred.  Coffee is a point of connection throughout the festivities and always helps to bring people just a little closer together.  

Be sure you take time to select a high quality coffee that will go well with your activities, your meal and your desserts.  We believe that 1804 Coffee is an excellent choice for any Thanksgiving table.  Pine Fore is a low acidity coffee without a bitter aftertaste that everyone will love.  The flavors of dark chocolate, nutty cashew and a hint of caramel are a wonderful pairing for any dessert you choose.

And the story behind our coffee will be a great topic of conversation!  People will love knowing they are drinking a fine specialty coffee and helping farmers in Haiti become more sustainable.  

We are firing up the roaster to produce some fresh batches of coffee for you.  Stop by our online store and grab a bag or two of Pine Fore so that you are ready with a very special coffee for the Thanksgiving holiday next week.


From everyone here at 1804 Coffee, we pray you enjoy a happy, memorable and safe Thanksgiving.  We hope you connect with all those you love, and revisit many of the reasons we have to be thankful.  

Lavi Bon!  (Life is good)

Eric English

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