Our culture is seeing a boom in specialty coffee.  The “third wave” has arrived in tidal fashion.  Yes there is a crazy and hip culture that has emerged.  One of high energy, of community, one conscious of quality.  We believe there is something deeper going on here.  People are investing more into relationships, and they want to show value to each relationship by the quality of coffee they share together.  Coffee culture is changing how we interact with each other. 


For centuries coffee has been a medium for relationships.  People have long gathered over coffee with family or friends to talk of things good and bad.  A mind cannot comprehend the innumerable conversations that have been had in coffee shops, around campfires, and living rooms the world over.  The talk of personal hopes and dreams, the loss of a loved one, the planning of a wedding or the development of a career.  


It is simply amazing to think of how coffee culture brings people closer.  Coffee helps people share life together.  At 1804 Coffee this is a vital component of why we produce and roast fair trade coffee from Haiti.  We want people experiencing life over a cup of 1804 Coffee.  Whether the circumstances are good or bad, what is important is the relationship and the bond you and your friends and family form together.



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