If you are new to drinking specialty coffee it can all be a little overwhelming.  There is so much to learn about the different growing regions, varieties of plants, roast profiles, and methods for brewing your perfect cup of coffee.  Much of the fun in specialty coffee is playing with different equipment and brewing methods.  One of the most exciting brewing methods is the Pour Over.

It’s common to see people use a French press, and buy an espresso machine for cappuccinos. But if you haven’t tried brewing your own pour over with a Chemex or V60 then you are missing out on a bright and clean cup of coffee.  With equipment that can be purchased for under $100 you can impress your friends and expand your barista skills.  Below is a quick, step by step guide  for making a pour over:

  1.  You will want a small coffee kettle with a bottom mounted spout, this will allow you to pour the water slowly over the grounds with control.  Fill the kettle with approximately 900g of water and bring it to a boil.
  2. We recommend 50 grams of ground coffee for 700 grams of water.  This will produce approximately four 6oz or two 12oz cups of coffee.  You can cut the recipe in half to make a single 12oz or two 6oz cups in your Chemex but we don’t recommend  a smaller pour than this.  Grind 50g of coffee beans to the size of sea salt.  The grind size is critical to the quality of your brew. If the grounds are too large, the water passes through too quickly, if too small your filter will fill with sludge rather than your Chemex filling with coffee.
  3. Place the filter in the Chemex or V60 and wet the filter, then dispose of the rinse water.  This process eliminates paper taste that could be picked up in your brew.  It also warms your container.
  4. Pour the coffee grounds into the filter ensuring they are evenly dispersed in the filter base.  Set the Chemex on the gram scale, and zero it out.
  5. Now it’s time to pour, but don’t pour the water all at once.  Grab a timer, and start it as you start to pour.  You want to pour 100g of water in a circular fashion, from the center out, and back to the center.  Now stop pouring and watch the coffee bloom for 30 to 45 seconds.  A bloom is caused by the release of Co2 as the hot water comes in contact with the coffee grounds.  A beautiful coffee aroma will fill the air.Repeat the pour process in three to four additional pours, 150g to 200g of water each time.  Wait for the water to drain down to a level even with the grounds before starting your next pour.
  6. Remove and dispose of your filter and grounds.  If you are a gardener, coffee grounds make great compost!
  7. Pour and enjoy!  Remember if you are drinking specialty coffee like 1804 Coffee, let the coffee cool just a bit to allow the flavor profile to fully develop.

Here is basic equipment list you will need to purchase for your pour over, and will probably cost you less than $100:

–  Chemex or a V60 style pour over kit

–  Kettle

–  Gram Scale

–  Coffee Grinder

We hope you will take time to experiment with different brewing methods for your coffee.  The pour over is a classic and one that is sure to deliver a clean cup every time!


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