The pine forest (or Pine Fore in Creole) is an enchanting place.  One that holds positive memories of our travels to Haiti.  There is a peace one experiences when surrounded by these 100 foot pine trees as you hike through the forest.  Occasionally you reach a bluff where you can look out over the rolling hills, and see farms below you in the distance where Haitian specialty coffee grows.  The majesty of it all is breathtaking, not an experience one envisions when thinking about the Caribbean.  We stay in cabins that have no electricity, collect rainwater to bathe, and play cards at night by firelight with our Haitian friends.  There is a market on Saturdays where most necessities can be found.  Other than that, very few people come around to disturb the tranquility.  

The coffee we call “Pine Fore” is harvested from around 1,000 meters.  It is the lowest elevation which we import, although this is not a low elevation coffee per se.  There is a bell curve for elevations when harvesting Arabica Typica.  We believe the best Haitian specialty coffee is grown between 1,000 and 1,800 meters which is why our three selections are harvested from this range of altitudes.  Each elevation provides distinctly different cupping notes, and all are equally desirable but for differing reasons.

The cupping notes for Pine Fore are nougat, caramel, cashew, and of course chocolate.  It is as smooth as velvet, probably the smoothest coffee you will taste.  As you brew and pour, you will notice strong floral notes which create an incredible fragrance and aroma for your environment.  Pine Fore grades out at an 85 with these unique qualities.

Pine Fore is our “daily drinker” because of its versatility.  There are many wonderful ways to enjoy it’s unique flavor combinations.  My personal favorite is the Cortado.   Although, it is truly an amazing pour over, which is how it is most commonly enjoyed due to the overwhelmingly smooth cupping profile.  In the summer, we like to drink iced lattes made with Pine Fore as it is somewhat of a dessert drink, the flavors lend itself well to a Mason jar filled with ice and some whole milk.

We are continuing to try and enjoy new methods for brewing and drinking Pine Fore. This is part of the coffee culture that’s so intriguing.  We hope you will try Pine Fore and spend some time experimenting with various drinks along with us.  Please let us know what your favorite way is to enjoy Pine Fore.  If you post a drink online and tag us, we might just repost it to our friends.


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